Sunday, July 15, 2012

1 Box 2011-12 Pinnacle Review

Pinnacle Hockey is Panini's version of a regular set of Topps or Upper Deck in most sports or what 09-10 Panini Basketball was. Its a brand that is high on base (290) has some inserts but in the end isn't really anything to write home about if only because we're now in a world of the high-end, high-priced products. So that's not to say this is a bad product by any means. For a product that sells in the $50-$70 range you get pretty much what you expect.

A box consists of 24 packs with 8 cards per pack and 2 Memorabilia or Autographs. When I purchase a box like this I typically end up with two memorabilia cards and a few inserts to show for it. Needless to say I would hope that this box that Panini America sent to for us to review would be different. Alas it really wasn't.

If you wish you can view the video of the break here with pictures of what was pulled and what you could expect to come after the jump. Also I do realize that in the video I referred to the parallels as Starburst instead of Ice Breakers & Rink Collection...they're essentially the same thing I'm just used to the baseball version.  Also below the Tough Times and Breakthrough cards pulled were not scanned but should be in the video.

What we pulled:
 That's some nice photography for the base

Ice Breakers RC or Rink Collection

Team Pinnacle - Henrik Sedin/Steven Stamkos

Game Night - Stephane Da Costa

Threads Prime /50 - Jonathan Toews

In the end not that much, not overly fun to break, at least this time but perfect for the collector on a budget, someone looking to get their kids started in collecting or someone that likes to collect base sets.  The photography in the base set is pretty nice though and I believe all base cards are horizontal.

What else is in this product:

Game Night Prime (50)

Game Night Signatures (50)

Fan of the Game Insert and Auto Version (8)

Retro Team Pinnacle Signatures (5 cards) - Cannot find pics of them

Threads/Prime (shown above)/Patches (90)

Starting Six Threads/Prime/Patches (10)
Pictured is Threads

Tough Times Auto (10 -on-card)

Pantheon (10)

Canvas Creations (18)

Pinnacle Black (14)

Breakthrough (20)

Revolution (10)

Pinnacle Captains (20)
Private Signings (15 - on-card - continuation from previous sets)
the remainder of the checklist is much better than those six I assure you

Zenith Yours Truly Update (25 - on-card - continuation of last year's Zenith product)

So there you have it. There are some hits to be had just don't expect them to fall at a high rate like you may from some higher priced products.

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