Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Andray Blatche Will Be Amnestied By the Wizards

A reliable source told me that they expect the Wizards to amnesty Andray Blatche, perhaps at the start of free agency. Not that this comes as a surprise to anyone and Andray has worn out his welcome in DC, which is a shame because if he wasn't such a stubborn bonehead he had the potential to be a solid part of this franchise. Despite his off-court issues Blatche was very solid when filling in for Antawn Jamison 3 season ago...but in three seasons the fans have quickly gone from supporting Blatche, who was finally living up to his potential, to running him out of town because he became the next coming of Kwame Brown (or Juwan Howard in his last days as a Wizard).

If the team can convince some other team to absorb his contract for some floor wax and a case of Gatorade (flavor to be named later) they'd gladly ship him out, preferably at the NBA Draft tomorrow night.

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