Sunday, July 15, 2012 Box Break Recap - 2011-12 Panini Contenders

Part two of this three part blog will cover the results from a box of 2011-12 Panini Contenders Hockey that was sent to by Panini America for review. Year in and year out Contenders has been a well received brand that contains rookie on-card autos.  Last year the product was good but the shiny foil on the cards made some autos difficult to see or they seemed to be able to rub off. This year Panini went with a more glossy finish on the cards and a clean design that earns it high praise in my book.

Available for $90-$100 per box, Contenders contains 18 packs with 5 cards per pack and 3 autographs per box on average. Going into the break I was aware of the NHL Ink autographs but little else. After this break I'm still in the same boat but the box yielded a very nice hit that would allow anyone looking for value to resell and at the least break even. For you anti-Panini/anti-sticker auto people, this product has a ton of on-card autos and great designs all around. Most if not all sticker autos in this set are in the booklet cards.

As was the case in the previous entry you can view the video of the break here and pics of the break and product are available following it.

Video break

What we pulled

Base design

Calder Contenders /999

Cup Contenders /999
The Getzlaf was cut short on the side so only top half of the number is showing...blech production error

RC Auto /800


Well there are the three autographs. That dual Hull is an amazingly great pull which will just about cover the price of a box. Clutterbuck is just an awesome name in and of itself so I'd have been happy to have pulled that even if I was busting for myself but wouldn't have been happy had the dual not been pulled. The Vitale is a Penguin so I automatically hate it. Overall this was a good break. Surprisingly there were no parallels pulled from the product. Golds base are /100 and numbered on the front which is a plus for those who don't like to scan both sides of the card or don't like to ask people for the numbering in case they're looking for a specific number (jsy #, first #, last #, etc).

As for what we didn't pull here is what else can be found in the product.

Gold Parallel (100) /100

Black Parallel (100) 1/1

Cup Contenders Auto Patch (50)

Contenders Legacies Auto Patch (10

Calder Contenders Silver (40)

Calder Contenders Signature Patch (60)

Cup Contenders Auto Patch Gold (50) /1

Legacies Auto Patch Gold (10) - No samples available

Calder Contenders Gold (40)

Calder Contenders Signature Patch Gold /1 (bottom left)

NHL Ink (70) and NHL Ink Duals (20) - See above

NHL Ink Trios (10) /25

NHL Ink Gold (70) /25

NHL Ink Duo Gold (20) /25

NHL Ink Trios Gold (10) /10

NHL Ink Black (70) /1

NHL Ink Duo Black (20) /1

NHL Ink Trios Black (10) /1 - No samples available

Contenders Match-Ups Booklets (24)

Original Six Combos Booklets (6) /25

Starting Line-Ups Booklets (6)

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