Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Not that any of you care and most anyone that reads this probably already know me but if you're happening upon this for some other reason I'm am the least interesting man in the world. If you've read this far I feel bad for you but if you want to learn some stuff and be midly entertained then I encourage you to continue on, but it will be a long read, and you'll probably learn to know more about me than I already do.

What can be said that hasn't already been said about me? Probably not much because I've been called every name in the book.

My name is David, I will turn 30 years old this year, and a die-hard homer for all the teams in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia area for you outsiders).  Growing up I was big in to sports, photography, and girls...years later and nothing has changed. I played Little League for two years and played a lot of pick-up basketball and football during my middle and high school days.

Over the years I've bounced from one sport to another as my favorite. From age 6 until about 13 I was mainly about baseball and the Orioles with the Caps, Redskins, and Bullets thrown in. College wise I was a Georgetown man because their games were always on TV. In the mid-90s I started getting more into basketball, collecting sports cards as more of a hobby, and started paying more attention to the Terps. By 2001 I was full blown on all sports, especially once I got DirecTV and internet..I know I lived a primitive life growing up...and football started to be my favorite with the Redskins just ahead of the Ravens but me predicting the Ravens winning the 2001 Super Bowl. In the past 5 years I've turned almost strictly puckhead and refuse to miss any Capitals game, no matter how bad the team may be playing at times and I've jumped on the Nats bandwagon in late 2009.

As a homer I always hold out optimism that the team will be better than most may think but I also know that our pro teams let down their fans year in and year out and the higher the expectations the worse they tend to do. I stick by them through and through though.

As mentioned I am in to collecting sports cards and other memorabilia and while I keep what I get from boxes, because I'm too stupid to sell and make a little cash..at the moment, I also collect certain players I am a fan of. I am a HUGE Juan Dixon fan...I mean its kinda insane really and was lucky enough to meet him at the DC Auto show when he was in his first tenure with the Wizards. In baseball Mike Mussina is far and away my favorite player in the modern era and I try to forget that he left for the Yankees. With him out I don't focus on any particular player but I do like Rick Ankiel, Michael Morse, and Danny Espinosa of the Nationals. In basketball I've always been a fan of the underdog that could get the most out of his limited talent or exceed expectations which is why Dixon, Jerome Williams and Trevor Booker are among my current favorites. In football Chris Cooley is my main guy, love him and had the pleasure of meeting him two years ago at the Collector's Showcase of America show in Chantilly, Virginia. I also have lots of love for my former Springbrook Blue Devil Shawn Springs. In hockey Peter Bondra will always be Mr. Capitals for me and man did I love that team growing up, always going to player signings as a kid and meeting so many great players. Now I'm more about Chris Bourque, David Steckel and Brooks Laich. I'm also a wrestling mark and am a fan of John Cena, met him and such a great guy, Mick Foley, met him too and also awesome, Shawm Michaels, met him but he didn't seem overly excited to be there, Trish Stratus and the Rock, which should make for an intersting Wrestelmania next weekend. So as you can tell I have some really shitty taste in players to like, support and follow.

Despite being a total homer I have had my moments of stupidity and at a short lived sinful couple years I actually rooted for the New York Yankees, now I just respect their history, the Duke Blue Devils, and Dallas Cowboys. That is totally out of my system, I am 18 years sober and have seen the light. THE TRUTH SHALL SET ME FREE!!!

Getting away from sports I'm like any other typical male outside of I'm not overly impressed by cars, in fact I don't have a license to drive and really have no desire to though I know I should. Probably a result from so many of my family members having been involved in accidents over the years.

Sorry got off track....I'm not a big movie buff but I do like comedies and I don't mean Will Ferrell and Steve Carell I mean movies that are actually funny and not stupid. Give me Rat Race over Old School or 40 Year Old Virgin any day...which is surprising given the type of humor and language I have been known to use. My favorite movie is Interestate 60..you probably haven't seen it let alone heard of it but its pretty sweet. I can watch pretty much any genre though I'm not a fan of horror, I can do thriller.

In music my taste is...well its bad...or so I'm told. You will hear just about anything on my iPod from Country to Hip-Hop, Rock to Celtic, and Top 40 to Swing. You won't however find Classical music anywhere. Give me some Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney, Uncle Kracker, Nelly, Boyz II Men, Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, Theory of a Deadman, Brantley Gilbert, Ludacris and a few others and I'm good to go.

My TV habits range across the board from some reality shows to sitcoms to dramas but usually I'm plugged in to ESPN (Around the Horn, PTI, games). I will watch the news occassionaly but mainly only for the local ports report and I will only get that from one person, Britt McHenry. I'm a huge fan of hers and more info about the young reporter that will soon be taking San Diego by storm will be up in the coming days/week.

Okay thats enough about what I like and if you've made it this far you may want to seek psychriatric help. As you can tell I like to have some fun and crack jokes, even if they're at my own expense. My sense of humor definitely gets me by because my looks won't get me out of much except for being a contestant on The Bachelorette...and no I'm not being hard on myself nor do I take myself seriously with the jokes. You just have to be willing to poke fun at yourself every once in a while. My humor is dry, witty and tends to be filled with sarcasm, which may not translate over the blog.

By day I work for the Recreation & Welfare Association at NIH where I am Mr. Do-It-All because if someone can't do something or figure it out they come to me...lucky me. *Disclaimer* This would be a good time to state that my postings, beliefs, etc etc that will appear in this blog in no way, shape or form should be associated with my place of work nor do they reflect their views...that should cover my ass right?* What I do though is I am the editor of our monthly Newsletter, co-organizer of our events for which we do over 30 per year, am responsible for selling tickets to local events and attracations around the DC area at a discount to the NIH community and a few smaller things. We also are responsible for assisting in the fundraising for the NIH Charities which consists of Special Love/Camp Fantastic, The Friends of the Clinical Center, and The Children's Inn at NIH. All three are very near and dear to me and I make it a mission to do give my all when I do one of our fundraising events which include a night at the circus every March and Film Festival in the Bethesda/Rockville area every August. We have a great group of people with these charities and our volunteers.

I firmly believe I am nothing without my family and close friends. My cousin Pam is one of my favorite people to hang out and joke around with. My best friend Julie is my heart and I care more about her and her kids than I do my own self. I'm loyal, opinionated, controversial at times, but I do anything for my family and those friends who I consider family. I tend to bend over backwards for others so much that I get walked all over and my kindness can be taken advantage of but I'll get my due some day.

So yeah if you're not in a coma you now know some stuff about me. Probably more than I should have told you but at least I didn't give up my mother's maiden name, the street I grew up on, my first pet's name or my social security number so I should have password security.

Oh right about the blog. Originally this was intended to be a blog about the Capitals since a few friends enjoyed hearing my comments regarding the team the past few seasons. Trying to be creative with some word play I chose to use (Brooks) Laich (pronounced Like) and how I planned to give my views Like It Is...as in telling it like it is..so no this isn't a blog regarding a disease called Laichitis...unless you get Brooksie fever. I plan to touch mainly on sports and the collecting hobby but I may venture into other things such as movies, music, TV shows, and charity awareness but will probably stay away from touchy subjects like politics, current events and religion.

I do thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoy what you see, am open to replies (good and bad) as I can only improve with criticism. Anything hateful, derogatory, etc will be deleted.

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