Thursday, April 12, 2012

Brace Yourself DC...She's Back!!!

I'm classifying this as an EXCLUSIVE

Just weeks after it was reported that Britt McHenry would be leaving the DC area to work for Fox Sports in San Diego and the Padres it seems there has been a change of plans.

On the ride home from work tonight I came across this blog stating Britt was no longer with the Fox team. I thought it was odd Britt wasn't doing the Padres game yesterday and had been quiet on Twitter tha past few days. So an inquiring mind, mine, wanted to know more and I went straight to the source.

After being surprised that I had heard the news Britt did confirm to me that she had an opportunity to come back with ABC 7 and that she realized how much she truly loved DC, the variety of sports and that she had a good thing here. She loves the in-depth reporting and anchoring. Britt also told me the following "I want to clarify that I wanted to stay here, felt a commitment to DC and the viewers in this stage of my life. Just felt like home."

There you have it! The queen has returned to her media market..sorry Dan Hellie...and it looks like she's prepared to stay for a while. Welcome back Britt! Can't wait to see you doing Caps games, the Junkies and everything you loved doing here. Its gonna be great to see you on TV locally and not losing hours of sleep to catch the Padres play..sorry San Diego but those first few games were rough.


  1. ...she lost on the way to California would be my guess.

  2. Good. Remember Annie was doing the games in the inaugural broadcast? Bring her back!

  3. How about someone that actually knows something about baseball? Enough of this amateur stuff.

  4. The Queen? Really?

  5. princess, not queen. This is great news for DC sports

  6. Yeah I had thought about Princess but really doesn't fit especially since she's essentially the only female sportscaster on the local DC networks, CSN excluded. Amber Theoharis is subbing in on a temporary basis for WRC4 and there is a new lady starting at WUSA9. The only other mainstay on the local is Lindsay Murphy but I obviously have Britt ahead of her. The two of them are very good though but I think that Britt would be more likely to take over for Tim Brandt in the distant future more than Linsday would for Dave Feldman but I also believe Linsday is being brought along more for Dave's job than Britt has for Tim's.